Jul 16

He is not finished yet!

Hello all! Its been a while since I have blogged, but hey im back! So much has happened lately between family situations to friend situations and man… it has been stressful! Today i was listening to a song by Lincoln Brewster called Reaching My hands and there was a particular line in it that said…”He is not finished with me yet”. Now don’t get me wrong I have heard this many times, but for some reason today it clicked. He is NOT finished with me! Wow! It amazes me that through all these situations some good and some bad that God still has so much in store for me. God has made me alive! I am so blessed to have a God that has a plan for me and is there with me through it all. I started playing drums about 2 years ago and boy has God played through me. I never thought that I would be in a band playing drums leading worship every week! Im so blessed to get the opportunity to even sit behind a set of drums, but to do it every week worshipping my Lord and Saviour is amazing! And to show that He is not finished with me I have gotten 2 calls in the past 2 weeks to play drums elsewhere! God has blessed me with so many opportunities to play drums for him! I can’t explain the joy and excitment I have to be apart of God’s plan for us! To be even a spec of dust in God’s plan is too big and yet he continually blesses me day in and out! It goes to show that God’s plan for my life is everything beyond what I could have imagined and yet He is not finished with me!


Apr 13


So, it has been a while since ive posted because ive been super busy! So im just going to get right down to the point…Peace. What is peace? How do you get peace? Recently God has been working on another one of my endless flaws…stressing/worrying. I stress myself because i think too far ahead. I think about all of the hows/whys/whens/wheres instead of just following God. These past couple of weeks i have not worried about hardly anything. I hadnt really noticed until i was talking to someone about changing majors and they said,” Why? Are you not freaking out? Are you dumb? You must be crazy!” my answer to all this….NO! Wow i thought to myself. For the first time in my life i have this amazing peace about what God is doing in my life! Im not worried/stressed about school or music. im not worried about getting chosen to be an intern for Bigstuf. Im not worried about raising the money to pay for it. The Dominican trip has become my main focus! How can i make a difference over there? How can i make a difference here?! With all of these things on my mind…Im at peace! I hope that you will pray for the peace i have to effect others. There is nothing better than feeling like no matter what is thrown your way God is standing before you taking the blow (as he always does) and you feeling nothing. I am so thankful to have a father that is so wanting and loving of me, a sinner. Im going to end with a bridge from a song by Chris Tomlin “And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?” Peace!

Feb 07

A Real Relationship

So im here away from family and friends and let me just tell you…it is very hard. There is so much going on back at home that i wish i could be there for, yet there is so much going on here that im stuck in. But as i am here, i have really got a grasp on what it means to have a REAL relatioship with God. I have realized that I really need to lean on God for strength and protection and I have. Back at home I got in a comfortable position where i leaned on friends more than God. Now don’t get me wrong you guys are great, but God is greater. Those of you that have helped me get through a lot of things have stressed that I needed to lean on God, and I did to an extent. But I truly did not “understand” what that meant until here lately. Being away from my ”besties” is hard. But I have really been forced to lean on God for accountability and let me tell you, it is GREAT!! God has showed me so many things about myself that I was not aware of until I gave him my full attention. So I encourage you guys to just lean on God more. Maybe you do have a great relatioship with God,and that is great. But just think, if you gave him even more time and attention than you do now, how AMAZING that realtionship would be?